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"Elvis Company" offers the following relocation services:

  • - Orientation tour
  • - Home-finding
  • - Settling in
  • - 24-hour support
  • - School / kindergarten search
  • - Short-term accommodation
  • - Apartment renovation
  • - Moving
  • - Cleaning

"Elvis Company" has been working on the Moscow real estate market since 2004. The team of professionals has excellent knowledge of any Moscow life aspect and is ready to provide the expat with the up to date information, has worked out a trusted database of partners. "Elvis Company" has successful and rapid solution for any kind of relocation issue that may arise. Only by contacting a well-proven relocation service provider, you can be sure that the international relocation will be held without any problems. 


Apartment renovation


A professional team that has high experience of apartment renovation can realize any your idea. We can repair the "turn-key" in the new monolithic buildings with open space planning, we can make an overhaul renovation in the Stalin-era buildings.

We can also make a renovation of one room or make one kind of renovation work like apply wallpaper, paint the walls, put a tile or laminate lay, replace plumbing, etc. We can use repair materials purchased by the client or purchase it ourselves.





Our company provides the following services: the organization of moving from one apartment to another apartment, disassembly of furniture, furniture storagefurniture recycling. To order these services are now much easier even not leaving the house. It is already appreciated by thousands of people. Recently, such issues as furniture transportation or recycling created many difficulties. Today, it is solved in a matter of hours.

You can just pick up the phone and make a call to our company. 





Our company provides a single integrated cleaning. The complex of works on general cleaning facilities includes:

  • Washing windows and window frames;
  • Cleaning the kitchen to remove grease;
  • Cleaning appliances;
  • Sink bathrooms and toilets;
  • Removing stains on the tile and the mineral deposits on plumbing fixtures;
  • Furniture cleaning to remove local pollution;
  • Removal of dust and pet hair from upholstery and carpets;
  • Washing mirrors, lamps, chandeliers;
  • Removing stains on the doors, switches and sockets;
  • Cleaning floors (tile, linoleum, laminate, parquet);
  • Cleaning gratings ventilation;
  • Cleaning balconies;

You can also add additional servises into the list of works.

For prior consultation and valuation services room cleaning, we can drive at a convenient time for you (the price of cleaning depends on the complexity and amount of work.)  



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If you have any question, please, feel free to contact us.


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